Harley Quinn, v2.0

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I purchased the fabric last night. I'm using the same cuffs and neck collar from before; I have to wash it actually. But it'll make the construction go a lot quicker. I also drew and cut the pattern for the body suit and the cowl last night. I hope to get some construction done this weekend. =)

I've cut all my fabric out. The cowl dangle things have to be re-designed though, because the ones I made are kind of weird and not quite right. The body suit is mainly constructed; choosing a 22 inch zipper this time was a REALLY good idea and I'm glad I did so. The legs have not been closed yet because I am attaching the diamonds the "right" way--turning the edges of the fabric under and sewing on top. I have to fit the suit around the bust a little better but I'll do that once I finish attaching the diamonds. I'm currently ironing and basting them into place. So I still have to attach the arms, finagle the arm holes and make the arms fit better (the pattern I use has insanely big arm holes and sleeves), fit the bust, close the legs, make the cowl, shoes and gloves. Not a whole heck of a lot, hurray! ^^

I finished the body suit last night! Man it looks awesome. I put darts in on the sides and it makes a massive difference in the fit of the suit. Very pleased. The diamonds all look GREAT, and I made quadruply sure that the legs are long enough on this one-- they go down around my feet some xD All I have left are the gloves, shoes and cowl. I am going to try to find a pair of slippers maybe in a size 9 that I can take apart and use the soles to create new shoes...the larger size is to try to get the pointy front of the shoe rather than just have it foot-shaped. xD

The gloves are completed, and the shoes are completed. I did use the slippers how I wanted to and it works pretty darn well (as well as being super comfortable). The cowl is constructed and has been fitted well to my head. The only thing left to do is attach the horns on the cowl. I'm just having a tad bit of trouble with the sizing of these horns, so I need to get to the storage unit and pull out my old cowl. I liked the size and location of them on the old one, I just wanted to make them shorter. So I should be able to use the old one to do it.

FINISHED!!! Cute cowl tail thingies and a great little bag to go with, and I'm all set to go! I'll post pictures when I get back from the con~ <3

Made a new collar that works better with the neckline. Will be attaching the cowl & bodysuit sometime soon.


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Rinoa07 You make an awesome Harley!!

Jersey I believe I saw you at WW Philly 2011! :)