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Sailor Moon SuperS is my favorite season of the series, and I'd always thought the Amazon Quartet, Chibi Moon's Sailor Senshi and performers in the Dead Moon Circus, were a fun group of characters. JunJun, or Sailor Juno, was always my favorite, because I love the color green and she was a gymnast who liked baseball, just like me. I never actually considered cosplaying her, however, until a group of friends and I decided to do a masquerade skit to Britney Spears' song "Circus," using the Dead Moon Circus characters, and I immediately chose JunJun.

You can see our skit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GajeU_wpZ_E


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Series Sailor Moon SuperS
Character JunJun


KitoCosplay I saw your video on youtube of your performance. You guys looked great!

Emeraldas85 I love your Junjun cosplay, it is awesome!!! Junjun is my favortit kara in Sailor Moon ^^ I see your performence as the amazoness Quartet on youtube, it was absolutly awesome !!! Very good job !!

earthmommy you look so great

Chelseahavoc i watched the skit and you guys did an amazing job and your costumes are absolutely awesome!