Oogie Boogie




Oogie Boogie has always been a dream costume of mine and I decided to just have a go making him when a bunch of my friends decided to form a Disney group. What made it even better was that Halloween was just around the corner.

I have never had so much fun wearing a costume in my life! I really put on a show at all times wearing this: dancing around, handing out trick or treat candy and being a complete ham. It weighed a fair bit and I was absolutely swealtering, but all of this was totally worth the experience of wearing it to such a big event and getting so much recognition from the kids.


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Jackspar Yeeaaa! Amazaing!!!

RosyPosy You are my hero! OB was my fav. character in the movie!!!!

rock_n_roler OOGIE BOOGIIIIIEE!!!!!! AWSOME!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Takuropop Thank you both so much ^_^

joker666 OMG thats just simply..amazing!!

yogore O.O! You are my hero!