Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Why did you choose this character?

I love Zelda's games really, all !!
Twilight Princess design is the most beautiful and most difficult I think ; I love challenges and this costume was a fun challenge for me ^^

How long did you take to make it ?
during 1 year ! (1 year of research and 6 months of sewing, embroidering and others)

How did you make
The dress is white cotton satin, I used the McCall's pattern 4490 I changed the neck and back.
For cotton purple corset, I simply reused the top of the dress pattern, with some modifications to the front so that it falls well.
for the kind of apron / coat I took a piece of cloth that was left of the dress, after making paper patterns for the shape and design, which I then taped to a window, then put the fabric above: it makes tracing paper with light, but without the need to layer! ^ ^ "I redid the design in pencil on the fabric. After stitching the outline, I began to paint with fabric paint, several coats of acrylic paint and fabric were necessary but has stiffened the fabric! (actually it is none the worse for it as it does not move)
Long gloves: I just bought white cotton gloves (gloves with fingers are difficult to sewing!) and with the rest of the tissue taken for my dress, I made the sleeves, "Extensions "the gloves they are the correct size and then I started to stitch by hand (yes, I'm crazy!) from a master drawing that I reproduced in looking, many, many Catch and images found on the net.

the crown I made of self-hardening clay (Giotto style) mine was white. I started doing more paper patterns, then when I got the shape I wanted I put these forms on the flattened dough and cut out. leaves but remained flat for the front and back of the crown, I modeled forms by putting them on a mannequin head in it for polystyrene wife about the shape of my skull. The "branches" that connect the two parts of the crown on the sides are made of gilded copper wire, tape and glue neoprene, painted gold. I marked the location of the jewels by pushing the dough is still wet and then I took it off and waited for it to dry (1 week) I then sanded to remove cracks, painted, installed the gems and then varnish the whole .

Jewelry: jewelry are Fimo, sometimes foam or other that I painted in gold, blue stones are acrylic plastic (style chandelier candlestick) painted with blue paint stained glass (it fits comfortably on plastic and it's still clear) but a pain to find beautiful stones! -_-

I had a lot of research in several different stores and even flea markets to find jewels or stones that resembled something like that.

Shoulder pads: The armor, oh those ones ..... Many people have asked me how I did so I wrote a tutorial in English that I put on my DeviantArt page, I submit it here but in French! :) Here

completion time: 8 months sewing (not regular in the sense I was not every day above)

the parts most difficult to make :
not really difficult but very long !!!!!

the simplest parts

advantages of this costume
well-known character, dress comfortable to wear, no wig! (Yes it is indeed my natural hair!) Boots is really great in agreement (and no heel is even better!)
disadvantages of this costume
the corsage, which requires to stay straight and suddenly, difficulty sitting, jewelry (not too fragile, but I'm careful anyway!), The hairstyle that takes time and the 2 bits with the kinds of acorns tip: it's beautiful but it's a lot to do and the "acorn" weigh a little late in the day ^ ^
when and for what occasion did you wear this dress?
I wore this for cosplay Chibi Japan Expo Japan Expo 2008 and 2008, the festival of animation in Lille, Epitanime 2009, Japan Expo 2009. I think I will be referring a lot of times (but I do not want to make it my main cosplay, though it starts to become this ....)
Did you earn rewards for your costume at the cosplay contest?


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess zelda


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Narayu ^^" merci beaucoup !

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