Rekyrem as Lethe


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Cosplayer: Rekyrem
I tried to get everything in here accurate as possible. Of course, there are some things that aren't the same as the official art, the most notable being that the boot's colours are inversed. They should be light brown boots with dark brown wraps, but mine's the opposite, since it was way more convenient. I already had the boots from a pirate costume I had made for Halloween one year.

Everything is pretty much hand-made by me and my grandma, who is a sewing saint. The shorts, with attached tail (which I refer to as my 'catpants' all the time), were the first thing I made. Then came the ears which were just handsewn. They have a bit of foam on the inside to give them their shape. My grandma ended up doing most of the shirt, but I spent many hours hand-stitching the ribbon trim onto it. Also fought with the eyelets so I could do the lacing up the front.

Some of my major worries during the construction of this were getting a hold of the wig, and getting the leg-belt to stay on. I lucked out and found the perfect wig listed on ebay by a wig-selling company based in Hong Kong, with free shipping to Canada, believe it or not. The colour is absolutely amazing and perfect, and so is the style! I didn't have to break out the scissors or the hairspray for this one. I love it.

And then the leg-belt... well, my problem was solved while I was running around with it on one day to see if it would stay. And... it did! Gross as this may sound, once the leather made me sweat a little, it stuck on there real good, as long as it was very tight, but not tight enough to cut off my circulation. I was glad I wouldn't have to figure out another way of keeping it there.

In the end, everything ended up working out very, very well! I'm so pleased with this costume. It's loads of fun to wear, even if the jingling of the bells hanging from the back of my collar drives me crazy after a while. Lol!

Although... if I end up wearing this again, I'll definitely be redoing the belts and the straps of the arm guard. They were kinda half-assed... really should have folding the pleather over to give it a nice edge. Pffff.