Natsu Dragonil

Fairy Tail



Due to epic money spendage and commitment to WCS the week before, THIS costume was made from basic cheap material, in 4 hours, 2 sittings and the wig was coloured from a spare white wig that I had lying around.
In total, this cosplay took about 5 hours all up, 2 days before the convention at MinhhHHH's house XD

But This is one of the most relaxing and fun to wear cosplays I've made in a while xD
Thanks MinHHhhHHhhHHhhH for dragging me into the group :P

fun times <33


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Fairy Tail
Character Natsu Dragonil
Variant FairyTail


Lycorisa I love all the pictures^^. Natsu is my fav character in Fairy tail. Btw you look vietnamese, are you? lol great cosplay :D