Naru Narusegawa

Love Hina



As you can see it, it's not a real cosplay XD.

Actually, we had an occasion to use a real onsen and japanese style rooms (in japan), and we immediately thought of Love Hina. I was a very big fan of Love Hina when it first came out (so long ago, feels strange xD) and so I liked the idea ! My very first nickname on the internet was Naru ^^;

So no it's not a real cosplay, but I took a pink towel (Naru's pink, yeah yeah) and Dolly styled me the antennas. We also had a turtle plush around which made a great Tama's cosplay xD.

Well in the end it might not be real cosplay, but this was really super funny to do ! We had a lot of fun (and our poor photograph DLG almost finished in the onsen with his clothes on xD).

(just in case: of course we're wearing swimsuit under the towels ^^)


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Series Love Hina
Character Naru Narusegawa
Variant onsen version


KagalieRiza trop chouette comme concept XD