Jan Valentine




This costume was originally created for a Millenium Hellsing group. The group was eventually shot to hell and abandoned, but I love Jan so I did it anyways. The tracksuit was COMPLETELY made from scratch, the main ingredient being the incredibly uncooperative fabric known as double knit. The white stripes were NOT made with bias tape or ribbon, but with strips of double knit turned into stripes (using a process I like to call HELL). The costume was made mostly by mikey_likes_it with my help, too! It's the most accurate and beautiful Jan costume I've laid eyes on (even though I don't think I pull it off well D:) and yet I still have some issues. It is currently at 90% completion pending a few tweaks and the addition of an accurate (and sexier) eyeball patch for the beanie. :D


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Series Hellsing
Character Jan Valentine


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