The Merchant

Resident Evil 4



The merchant is my favorite signature cosplay it appeart at Atsuicon 07 but it was fully debuted at Kumoricon 07 and will attend every con i go to!

the merchant is well just amazing i know that hes not a major character in the game but its just what HE IS. MAJESTIC! from selling things at a decent price, and he buys at a high price.

the amazing thing about the merchant cosplay is the ability to have things in the pockets and selling em.

at Atsuicon and Kumoricon i made all my money back and then some. All was going good until i got shut down for not having a venders license oh well i made money lol

POCKY selling FTW!


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character The Merchant


Ramen Pirate Greetingsss strangaaaa!!! What are ya buyin?! LMAO, awesome costume! xD