Hyuuga Neji




Well I first started with Neji's shirt I used my T-shirt as a pattern cut out all the parts and sewed it together then I made the collar and the 8 rectangles for the front, back, and arms of the shirt ans sewd them on. Then I added the zipper to the front and TA-DA!!
for the shorts I found them in a box in the basement I think they were my dads...anyway I made the kunai holder, Neji's head band dangler things, and bought 4 rolls of gauze for his arm and leg and for the ninja sandles I used my blue high top converse lol


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Series Naruto
Character Hyuuga Neji
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Neji Kun91 ok, i was being stupid and didnt read your profile info, i understand now that you made, i was just wondering how you made the collar like that? i just cant figure out how to do it. and what kind of tshirt did you use for the base? well i think that you did an AWSOME job! lol. its really good.

Neji Kun91 did you buy your cosplay or did you make it?