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So, Malice Mizer was the first J-rock band I got into, and I really wanted to do cosplay. So I decided to do mana; I was a girl dressed as a guy who dresses like a girl. Is that crossplay then? I don't think so. But...I wore it to school and no one knew who I was, and everyone thought it was my real hair and I was hooked on cosplay.
The costume is a dress pattern that was altered, used twice, once for the top part, once for the bottom part of the skirt. The wig is actually two wigs woven together, and they were white and white and purple. I used temporary spray dye to add the black and the blue. Makeup is standard makeup found in halloween or costume stores, the jewels I bought at a hobby lobby.

This costume was fun to wear, and if I could do three things differently I would make the wings to the costume, and make the wig better, the wig is cheap, the worst part of the costume. Finally, now that I'm thinking about this costume, I'm realizing that I made almost none of it. I helped with a little bit of sewing and altering patterns, but unfortunately my mom did most the work. I feel guilty, but she did an awsome job, so kudos to her.
Also, I can't wear this costume any more cause the sequens on the fabric fall off all over. Sad day.


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