So obviously the joke here is a twist on the Playboy Bunny look; this was my attempt to create a cosplay that's interesting/clever while still being simple, to work with the limited budget, resources and time available to me since I started college. I also needed to get it done (and done well) in time for the big AWA trip, which we kindasorta planned at the last minute this year. >>

Among the aforementioned resources I'm lacking is my sewing machine; everything was either bought cheap on eBay and modified, or completely hand-stitched. So it looks a little campy, but I'm proud of myself for being able to work with limitations. =D

This is also, surprisingly, one of my easiest cosplays to wear. I have to tape myself in and all, and high heels by nature will kill, but it's not as uncomfortable, overly complicated, hot or difficult to move in as some of the abominations I've been dumb enough to don in the past.


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Series Pokémon
Character Pikachu


DPrincessMoeH This is so clever and awesome!

Damarul Whoaaa....if Pikachu was a playboy bunny, this would come out

hakusho112 I'm also cosplaying as Pikachu to AWA this year!!! Hopefully I'll see u there!