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The game plot is developed at the time of the Silver Millenium.

The first day:

Princesses of planets are trained in Lunar Academy, Lords on the Earth in Military Academy.
Beryl is the rector of Academy and Lord Kunzite - the dean of Academy.
Lunar Academy under the direction of Queen Selena.

Game begin with the beginning of academic year in each of Academies. There are employment - the theory and practice. In the end of day on the Earth In Military Academy give a ball in honour of the beginning of academic year to which inhabitants of the Moon are invited. It's rumored that on the ball will be considered the variant of political marriages of Lords and Princesses between representatives of the Earth and the Moon. To the beginning of evening it's only guesses and not confirmed data. About marriages for certain know only the Queen Selena, Lord Kunzite and Beryl.

The second day:

Studies proceed.
Inhabitants of the Moon give a reciprocal ball on which should be publicly declared forthcoming marriages for Earth dwellers.
Beryl does not wish to be reconciled by that the Prince of the Earth (its secret beloved) marries Princess Sereniti. And, tormented with the sad thoughts and sufferings, it becomes the easy purpose for Metalliya.
And during ball, incorporated force, they attack the Moon, destroying all on the way.


@Lord Kunzite
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Character Lord Kunzite (Sailor Moon. Military Academy)


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