Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy VII



A work in progress.. Was debuted at Uppcon10 (2010), unfinished but still shown and I loved it.

Later it was used at "Meuwcon 03" (2010), despite the direct sunlight in the queue and then the massive heat indoors it was incredibly fun and I recieved a lot of positive comments on it.

Claw & golden bracer:
Craft Foam sealed with white school glue and sprayed golden, claws glued on top of a leather glove.

Not fully functional nor very accurate but they resembles Vincent's boots somewhat.

I'm horrible at styling wigs and I could not bring a wig brush to the convent, no mirrors anywhere near backstage either.. Could have done it a lot better with more practice.

Capelet & cloak:
Both made out of normal "cloak wool" or whatever it would be called in english. It's more like a weave than a fabric anyway.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Vincent Valentine
Variant Advent Children


sonteen12 Very cool costume!

SexualDisgrace amazing! :D

Brainshake Definitivt en av de snyggaste cosplays på Meuwcon! :) Så otroligt välgjord. Jag hejade på dig och Yoshi i cosplaytävlingen. :D

SuzuStarlight I have only one word for this: Awesomeness! Vincent must be hard to do, but you did really great! I love all the details you included! *worships*

VividLeviathan Year fantastic job, how did u make the claws???? would be great to know :)

wolvesgirl how did you make vincents claw??

maridah Amazing work on the whole thing! The glove is so impressive, but the costume parts are just as perfect as can be too! Great work on this!