This cosplay became real for two reasons: My sister wanted to cosplay Tsunade (one of my favourite Naruto females) and when I improvised Shizune for a Naruto event in December in her jounin clothes someone had to address me: “Btw do you know that you’re dead…” As I was really annoyed of her sudden death on half a manga page… I had to cosplay her just as a memorial. (Although she is a complex and interesting side character as well. Caring, diligent and an example of the the two-edged way of a medic-nin (healer and fighter in one person)). Well, death doesn’t seem what it used to be. And I don’t know if I should be happy about it or to bear a grudge against this inconsequent storyline.


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momoiru1994 i meant rare ^^' gomen!

momoiru1994 hi there shizune! ^^ looking good! ^^ it's a charachter that's very weird ^^ nicely done!