Ayumi Hamasaki

Arena Tour 2002



I'm a big Ayumi Hamasaki fan, so last year for my birthday I decided to treat myself to the VCD's of her 2002 Arena and Stadium Tours. Not only do I love her music, but also I love some of her costumes probably even more. This particular costume is the final one worn at the end of the Arena Tour during the acoustic numbers "M" and "Dearest". These are my favourite songs from the show because it's just Ayu, her band, and the wind blowing through the sleeves of this awesome costume that reminds me of hippies and free love. ^_^

This costume was originally intended to be worn for the Anime North 2004 j-pop dance. The nickname for it comes from an inside joke between friends who know how I dance. Long tangly sleeves + Me dancing = People Dying (or being whipped in the face pretty hard by accident.) And since I have a great big list of Ayu costumes I'd like to make in the future, I've started giving them code names so other people can tell them apart. ^_^

I admit that even though I've been wearing this costume out in public quite a bit recently, it's no where near actually complete. Not only that but I have done no justice to the original design what so ever. I still have the jeans to decorate, not to mention either forcing my hair to actually stay styled for some length of time or find a proper wig. I'd also love to redo the top, as I don't find it long and flowy enough and I don't think it has enough sequins. But that's just me griping about it. I actually love it to bits. ^_^


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Series Arena Tour 2002
Character Ayumi Hamasaki
Variant Accoustic Set costume (a.k.a. Sleeves of DEATH!) v.1


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