RenzokukenXIV as Lady/Mary


Devil May Cry 3

Cosplayer: RenzokukenXIV
Another goal accomplished, Lady has always been a dream costume of mine and now that it's done I'm pretty satisfied as far as the cosplay goes.

This costume was put together over the course of 4 months, which was a bit of a rush but worked out just fine. The shirt was bought at Goodwill and altered to be much shorter, the zipper needed to be replaced after a little shortening mishap. The shorts were found at Marshall's and were originally just plain tights, I simply cut them into shorts and hemmed the ends. Boots were bought on in a size that was a bit bigger than my actual feet. They were originally black and had a buckle on both side, so I had to hand paint them with two shades of acrylic paint and resew the buckles onto only the left leg. Gloves were bought on Ebay from Bulgaria. Wig also from Ebay, and styled with hairspray and rollers to get Lady's hair-flip.

The belts are all made of a thick upholstery vinyl. I constructed them to my size then added the attachments later on.

The pouches took the most time out of the costume (aside from Kalina Ann), each pouch took 45 minutes to prepare and complete. I had asked around on to see what other Lady cosplayers did, but I ended up just doing my own thing in the end. Pouches are made of a looser upholstery vinyl than the belts, and started off as a hunter green color. I drew up my own pattern after measuring and fitting with plain old computer paper until I came to one that worked perfectly. To make the colors appear like thin lines I had to lay down masking tape before each painting and allow it to dry. I also did that with the thinner gold lines. The pouches were then attached to the belts with the brown vinyl, and then the buttons were added with everyone's favorite adhesive - hotglue. And of course the buttons fell off after a few days, so those need to be redone.

Now on to Kalina Ann, who was made in 2 months. She is basically made out of PVC pipes, wood, Styrofoam, screws, insulation foam, and plumbing fixtures. Since I have a huge thing against power tools, my step-dad had a huge part in helping with that. We put it all together and I finished it off with a coat of paint, then sanded some areas down so it would looked chipped.

So basically, I love this costume. I started out not knowing if I would be able to make it, let alone pull it off. But everything turned out just perfectly. God I love Lady