Monica Argento

Trinity Blood



Construction Details:
Everything on this even the accessories were hand made by me. I used air dry clay for the base of the daggers and the necklace. The main costume is made from cotton. All armor parts are a mixture of polystyrene sheeting and craft foam. In the manga, Monica has a slit going down the front of her dress all the way down to her navel, which I had made my costume the same way but my double sticky back tape failed me and I opted to pin the front shut so I did not flash anyone.... I love Monico so much, she`s so sexy and sleek its a shame she gets nearly killed in the first volume she shows up in. so I felt I should make a costume of her to show my love of the Trinity Blood series.

Personal Thoughts:
I hand made this for the summer cosplay season here in Japan but we are having a major heat wave right now during the week of comiket so I was not able to wear this to comiket as I had planned. I opted to do an indoor airconditioned studio shoot. Hopefully this fall I can wear this outdoors once the weather cools down a bit.


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Series Trinity Blood
Character Monica Argento


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