My Sai cosplay has to be one of the best cosplays I will ever own in my entire cosplay career. I am so surprised at how amazingly similar I compare to Sai. I never thought that I would look so good as him! ^^ I know that I am a great Sai cosplayer. My cosplay is 100% complete, but there are some minor details missing, such as, you can see, my gloves. I need to buy some pure black ones and only cut the glove to show a few of my fingers, rather than all of them. Other than that, after few other fixable measures are taken, my cosplay will truly be 100% complete. :3 I have gotten many positive reviews and attention on my Sai cosplay. There is a great chance that I will never retire from being this lovable artist. S2.


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Series Naruto
Character Sai


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