Silveritis as Terra Branford

Terra Branford

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Alternate costume

Cosplayer: Silveritis
When I first started cosplaying, Terra's design from Final Fantasy VI was a costume I really wanted to do; but I didn't have the skill then, and honestly I didn't think I ever would have the skill to pull it off. But I was feeling a bit low about cosplay after failing for the second time on the Lloyd top I was trying to make and was picked up by a friend talking to me about cosplay as a passion. I got all fired up to do a costume I just WANTED to do. It got me back into the swing of things.

The dress and arm warmers are made from cotton lycra, is lovely ad soft, nice and stretchy and its very comfortable. The top of the dress is hemmed with butterscotch ribbon as I was unable to find suitable gold bias binding. And the bottom of the dress is hemmed with gold fringe which then hems the cape, and all the sashes. After the main construction of the dress and sleeves, it came to painting, which is done with Dylon paint. I had to mix up several shades out of the few pots of paint I had, but I came out with some lovely vibrant shades of green, orange and pink.

The cape and sashes are made out of georgette, thicker than chiffon, so it hangs heavier than chiffon and looks more fluid, I think. The georgette was white originally; and I had to hand dye each sash and gradient dye the cape. Each bit of dying was done individually, and once dyed and wrung out of water, they were hung out of my window to dry in the sun - funny looks were had from my neighbours! The flowers were painted on with watered down dylon paint, and unfortunately a few of them smeared. But for the most part they look okay. Eash sash. after drying was hemmed all the way around, and then the short edges were lined with gold fringing, same as on the dress. The capes are tied around the waist, and I have a purple broach which keeps them 'somewhat' together.

I enjoyed doing my boots, which were a lucky find on ebay, they are suade and were pretty much perfect, though I did have to cut them down into a triangle in the front. Then glue on gold ribbon around the edge. I also have little bits of gold fringe on there for the 'laces' seen in reference art. The flowers are painted on, as is the gold front segment of the shoes.

Luckily, I had a suitable wig for this costume already in my posession, which meant I could start some of the more detailed stuff quickly. I really enjoyed making all the little bits and pieces, hair ornaments and the bead belt. The bead belt is basically beads along a clear, elasticated piece of twine, each bead is kept in place by a dab of hot glue. Making the hair ornaments was fun; The two for the side of the head are clear hair slides with gold fringing glued to it. Beads are glued onto the fringing and then pearls on top of the fringing. And the final hair ornament is another clear slide, with semi-see through salmon ribbon glued to it, and yellow beads to finish it off.