Zatsune Miku

Vocaloid 2



This costume was inspired by the Magnet version of Vocaloids i've seen. So I decided to draw out a plan of what it should look like and then went from there, added and taking away design aspects as I went along.

For the dress I had a plain red stain dress in my closet that I had taken and worked with. All the butterflies and swirls were hand painted. I added the red bell trim on the top and the black bow on the waist. The waist tie is some fabric I had bought a long time ago that I thought would look good so I tied it to my waist.

The wig is a long black curly wig with a 3/4 wig attached to the back. To give it, it's lift I added some foam to make it give off a be hive look. All the details were then wired and sewed in to the wig. Though this wasn't original idea it had to do for the time being. My original idea was to have two long black ringlet ponytails and then add the details to it.

The butterflies that are on the microphone and wig are some old props i've had around the house that I fixed up with some new paint and glitter.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Zatsune Miku
Variant Original Magnet version


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