Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

@Lilith Oya
I made this costume when only the trailers were out. The movie wasn't even out in Japan yet either. All I had to work with was a handful of stillshots from Tifa's fight scene. I did what I could to make out the details, which of course was nearly impossible. It's not super accurate, but considering what I had to work with it came out ok. I didn't make anything from scratch, it was all heavily altered clothing. This is because I didn't have the money to cosplay, so I was working with what I found in my closet. The vest was made from a jacket, the trail from a duster, the shorts from pants, and the shirt I just shortened.
@Lilith Oya
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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Tifa Lockheart
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