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This costume probably looks like a closet or thrift-store cosplay, but it's not. I made the shirt, cargo pants, scarf, and eyepatch myself. I bought the hat at a military surplus store though, and the leather trench coat is just my everyday coat (also bought).

I actually made a short, canvas jacket with separating zipper to go with this costume, but the final details on it still aren't done due to a lot of blind-stitching and embroidery. So, whenever I've cosplayed this character at cons, I've worn my leather coat in place of the short canvas one.

The tan dress shirt buttons up the front, has a collar with collar stand, and cuffs at the ends of the sleeves. The cargo pants have a fly front, belt carriers, and 2 side pockets, 2 butt pockets, and 2 leg pockets. The shirt and pants, as well as the unseen canvas jacket, were all projects for an Advanced Sewing class. (I got A+'s on all of them!)

The dress shirt is a lightweight cotton twill, the cargo pants are a medium weight twill, and the scarf is wool. The eyepatch is made from pleather reinforced with cardboard, the edging is real leather, and the strap is elastic.

At the time I made this costume, there were no color references whatsoever for the character. So, I made up the outfit coloration myself, and because Pip acts like a pimp, I decided to be a little bling-bling and put red studs in the eyepatch.

I used my real hair for this costume. No hair extensions. My braid really was that long and that thick.

I've cut my hair since I last cosplayed him, and unfortunately probably won't grow it that long again. It eventually became too much of a bitch to take care of.


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Series Hellsing
Character Pip Bernadette
Variant casual version from manga volume 2


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