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First off, let me just note I had a BLAST dressed as Sai!! I ran out of time and ended up buying the pants and top, and holy crap were they huge! I probably spent about as much time altering them as I would have just making the cosplay myself. *sigh* oh well... As it stands, half the top was held together with safety pins at Sakura-con, although I don't think it was too obvious. My favorite aspect is the scroll (totally a whim) which I painted and actually constructed from scrap fabric and left over wooden dowels. The sword is plastic, painted, and the hilt wrapped in cloth tape (nice and light). I used cord in order to make the sword removable vs attaching it directly to the coat (again using scrap). Not entirely true to the character, but nice looking none the less. I still need a belt buckle and some taller sandals and the legwrap pissed me off so I removed it half through the day... &gt;.< After this experience, I've decided that buying is highly overrated, although I think within the next couple months I will beable to get this costume up to par.

Favorite aspects: Scroll!! Black contact lenses, and comfortable/easy to wear wig.


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rair that looks amazing! Great job, the scroll is an awsome touch, yay for whims!

DevientShadow Yay to safety pins! But yeah, I don't think anyone could tell, at least I couldn't, so great job! And I know what ya mean about the leg wrap thing, I had one for one of my costumes and it bugged the frick out of me. Anyways, awesome job on the costume, can't wait to see the updated version of it! :D