Princess Ayeka

Tenchi Muyo!

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Not the hardest costume, but probably one of the most involved I've done. I like cosplays of animated characters to come to life in person, thus I look for ways to add details that might have been there had the character not been animated. The challenge was balancing patterned and solid fabrics of 3 kimonos that all had collar or sleeve trim or both. Once that was decided on, while making 3 kimonos isn't difficult, it's just a lot of time and work. I used the same kimono pattern all 3 times. The first time I ignored the sleeves. The second I used a little sleeve and cut some of the length and the third I used all of the sleeve and cut even more of the length. The sash was simply fabric with stitched up sides to make it look clean, tied, and pinned around me. The tiara is a combination of snakeskin patterned fabric and elastic, wood ornaments, and beads all glued or sewed together. The hair was the most challenging part. I always hated Ayeka's pigtails and opted intead for her Japanese style ponytail in Tenchi Forever. I started with an untouched chin lenth wig and a soon to be butchered long wig. Two locks were cut from the longer and glued to the tiara. The rest of the long wig was cut up until I could create the ponytail and finally pin it to the shorter wig with safeypins.


@Lilith Oya
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Character Princess Ayeka


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