Takiko Okuda

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

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This costume is... interesting. I was going to debut it for AX, and ended up borrowing the most GORGEOUS kimono from my boss (which has been hanging in my bathroom since, I REALLY need to get it back to her.) It was so gorgeous I didn't want to fold it up into my trunk and left it in the back seat of my dad's car when he drove me to meet my friends, who'd drive us all down to AX. Where I left it.

I was angry.

I ended up debuting it at Ani Magic- with a different kimono- but it looked... ok. I really need to try and wear it again- the hakama are wonderful- but the wig I sorta killed (I, uhh, kill wigs...) and I'm not sure if I'll wear it again. I ended up spending 100 bucks on fabric for the kimono I've never used (Aka- stupidest waste of money I've EVER done.) I dunno, I'm not very partial to it. We'll see, I think I planned on doing some cosplay pics of it in the snow this winter, but winter's come and past and I never... did that. Doh.


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@Summoner Lenne
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Character Takiko Okuda


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