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I threw this together for Davis Anime Club's End of the Year Shindig in 2008. My friend cosplays as Sa-chan, and we watched Gintama at DAC that year, so I thought why not.

This was a lazy "I whipped it out of my closet" type of cosplay. I was so lazy that I used my own hair originally. :|

In late 2011, I revamped with a wig and bun covers. I also switched out the shoes and umbrella for more accurate ones. The bun covers have a base made from cork coaster things I found in the craft cabinet, black fabric, purple embroidery thread, and polyfill to make it pouf. I painted on the design. It is connected to elastic that strings through the wig and ties underneath.

For the wig (Arda's Magnum in color 25) I had trimmed the bangs for another costume. I pinned some of the longer flippy pieces down.

(And don't worry, I'm not actually picking my nose!)


@Mirai Noah
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Series Gin Tama
Character Kagura
Variant Benizakura Arc


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