Street Fighter



I used Real Karate parts (Gi, Gloves, etc). Eye-brows were touched-up. Chin hair "stubble" is grown for a week. Tore the Gi. No scissors. Rolled around in dirt so it doesn't look clean.

I love Street Fighter. Its probably my favourite game, and I love seeing other Street Fighers at cons. If we run into each other, please stop by and say hello. I'd love to have an action shot taken with you. :)


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Series Street Fighter
Character Ryu
Variant Street Fighter


Radiant Nightmare This is so awesome. His quote "get serious" comes to mind. lol

Nightwitch-Kat So amazing! I WISH I could get a pic with you in this once my Chun-Li is done

Blitzmidfielder As I'm sure he knows, we all know him as "Real Ryu" where I'm from. He probably puts more dedication into being Ryu than I do into being Alex. Truly astonishing how much attention there is to detail. Bare feet takes DEVOTION.

Domin-eau You can clearly see dedication here! The attention to detail is incredible. Perfect to the very last thread~

Ragazzoa88 Honestly, the best Ryu cosplay I have ever had the pleasure of being around. The detail to not only the costume, but to Ryu's attitude and movements are excellent! Keep up the excellent work!

Nickle4aPickle It's like Ryu walked out of the TV and into real life. <3

TheBlueMuse Perfection.

Phoenix_Kasai Such a great Ryu! And I love your devotion to accuracy of the character! This is what cosplaying is! You two are fantastic combo! Wish we could get together and do a mock fight for a photoshoot :3

aznwolverine excellent Ryu man. how did you do the gloves?