I love this costume. The first con that I wore it was to Kumoricon 08. Everything was very comfortable and easy to move it. The only problem that I seemed to run into was being cold and the shoes hurting my feet....only on the first day though.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with my brothers. I think we did such a great job that I didn't even see them as Sarah and Lauren but Gaara and Kankuro. That is what we called each other all weekend XD


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Series Naruto
Character Temari


misaloveslight6 this whole costume came together amazingly <3 awesome job

lilithfire I liked your hair as Temari. Very Nice.

ToonMasta Yay! It's the awesome Temari from Kumoricon! My best friend was the Shikamaru - pretty much the only Shikamaru. We thought you guys had the best Naruto cosplay out of everyone there. ^^

Toxikon HI TEMARI! Kumoricon was so much fun! I can't wait for next year.