Heather Mason

Silent Hill 3



I love Heather. <3

Worn (and of course, revamped/remade) from 2003 to 2008 and going strong.


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Heather Mason


BakerValentine Such a good cosplay!! :DD

Slum Drunk Heather, Heather Divorced with 2 kids of her own It's hard to raise 'em and still go to work A young mom who goes it alone

Fantomb_Pro XD It's rare for me to look at a costume and go, "OH MY GOD!" It's amazing.

barneelys Great job! I'm hoping to get together a Heather costume in time for my sister's birthday.

Ammie Holy Mary, mother of god, it's like you jumped outta the FREAKIN GAME!!!!!! This is what I imagine shots would look like from a live action movie of 3. *Applaudes* at the amazingly epic Heather cosplay.....so awesome...SO AWESOME!!!!!

Nanako Bonheur I must say, you're one of the best, if not the best Heather cosplayer out there! I love it XD I also cosplay Heather, I was wondering where did you get the boots for your costume? They're so alike it's amazing! Anyway... I am going on way to much, I love you!~ Haha.

ashelia89 FINALLY you got showcased :D you're the best Heather I've seen since the release of Silent Hill 3 ^__^ !

RachelRoodle You make an amazing fucking cosplayer. Quite seriously. I'm a newbie too cosplay. Do you have any tips for cosplaying? :I

Tintin-cat ```````````````shocked


Dr. K Wow, AMAZING!!! Nice job!!!

DinahMaster God, I wish I was as good as you! I'm so jealous!

ollyodd congrats on getting a showcase!!! Totally deserved!! You are still the best Heather cosplayer eva!!!! :)

GBG amazing! did you buy the vest or make it? oh and where did you find those great boots?

BakanaChan It's almost freakish how much you look like her! XD

Krystel-chan Cool cosplay and pictures!

nycken Wooowwww Cooolll!!!!! XD

devious-tofu YEA SHOWCASE!! Took them long enough :P Congrats!

kkotaku Love the game and your cosplay FTW!

carladawn Yay! I knew you'd get showcased for this eventually!! Great job again, and congrats!!!