Umbrella Corporation Trooper

Resident Evil

@The Kraken


This is basically a slight variation on the Umbrella Corporation troops seen in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I am part of a sci-fi costuming group called The Wolf Pack. Check us out at


@The Kraken
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Series Resident Evil
Character Umbrella Corporation Trooper


Frodei A question, Where did you get that Vest? Or rather, from what shop?

ComaradeXIII Hello Comarade, I admire your costume and I am helping shooting a major motion film on the new Umbrella Corporation. Resident Evil 4. I would like it if you could Email me, we will pay to put your outfit in our movie. Thank you very much. [email protected]

ComaradeXIII A... van I buy vyour costume? Ill pay good money Comrade.