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I really love the game Xenogears, and Kelvena is a very interesting character. She is soft, feminine, and carries herself with extreme care and wisdom. She appears calm and steadfast, yet she has extremely powerful and turbulent psychokinetic powers, and is forced to keep her eyes closed to fully control them.

Plus, I haven't seen anyone cosplay the Elements, so I thought I'd take a shot. I had around 4-5 good pictures of her, but they were all very different - many of them being concept art and not the final drawing. So, along with drawing my own concept pictures based on the official artwork and the in game sprite, I also had to make my own patterns for her weird neck collar/over skirt/vest thing, skirt panels, and arm guards...which are all really weird ^.^ About 8 weeks of handsewing (go bootcovers for the first time!), hot gluing, Sculpey-ing and applique to get this one right.

I will have to say, the more I wear this costume, the more it becomes my favorite. It's very easy to wear, and I love the colors and the feel of the outfit. I always have fun when I'm wearing it ^.^


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Kitsurubami Cool, you did Kelvena. Shes my favorite Element. So nice so see someone cosplay her.