The King in Yellow



So I recently got hired to work on a crown for a local indie film called "The King in Yellow" after the director saw photos of my Zelda crown.

I am only making the crown for this film, produced by DARKHAUS, directed by G. C. Kirkland. It is inspired by the LoZ: OoT Zelda crown. It is for Camilla, a daughter of the Queen in Red, and it is used to allow Camilla to speak telepathically for her blind and mute mother.

The crown itself is made of wire (for support), plain Sculpey, a large plastic gemstone, silver/brown/blue acrylic paint, black/silver nail polish, silver rub-n-buff, clear spray paint, black chains, 2 four-leafed metal findings, and a bead covered in several small white gemstones.


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Series The King in Yellow
Character Camilla
Variant **COMMISSION**


seawaterwitch The progress look awesome ^^ Ganbarimasu ^^/