Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty



I love Disney fairytale movies, but for some reason haven't made many costumes from them. It was the best to cosplay with Cheryll, AJ and Judy as the Good Fairies.
Every year around Halloween I drool over the little girls' princess costumes in the Disney Store... this year, I made my own. (translation: this dress has 3 1/2 gross of rhinestones on it, and lots of glitter.)


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Series Sleeping Beauty
Character Princess Aurora


protectorkorii Whenever I see these photos they just make me smile. I love how you look as Aurora. and the photo in the aquarium... great job!

TheAnimelady That loos so sweet and pretty ^^

koi-ishly Those sparkles in the dress bring such a Disney feel! Beautiful! Thank you for doing the blue dress =) That is my favorite.