Aelita Hopper/Sheifer

Code Lyoko



Aelita is my favorite character! I think she rocks outloud!! I hope to do her season 4 costume next! :)


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Series Code Lyoko
Character Aelita Hopper/Sheifer


Magdelynne I like the color of your wig a lot! My friends and I are currently working on a "Code Lyoko" group. So far, my Yumi costume and my one friend's Ulrich costume are the only ones done. We're waiting on Aelita and Sissi...although...I may try to help our potential Sissi cosplayer get an Odd costume together...we'll see. But anyway. I'm happy that "Code Lyoko" is getting some love~ I would like to see a season 4 costume from you! Surprisingly, I've only seen Yumi's season 4 costume done...

NykkiJo Ahhh, Aelita's so awesome. You did a great job. :)

girlinthestars This is Awesome! I love when someone cosplays from Code Lyoko. I hope to cosplay Yumi Ishiama sometime before I quit cosplaying 1:)

Uchiha_Mara Wait a second.... I forgot the pink makeup!!! D: ... aw man... >.<