Progress on Nino was halted once I found out I couldn't get the wig in time, so I decided to do this. In some ways, it was crazy easy. In others, it was challenging. But it was totally worth it.

I actually did half the sewing on this one! I learned about pockets, too. They're nifty things, no wonder Peter and the boys love Wendy and her sewing skills so.

But yes. Stephanie wears this in at least three episodes, whose names I don't know off hand, but I can tell you that the songs are: "Step By Step" (which is totally all about cosplay), "Teamwork", and "The Playground Song/Playing on the Playground". The last song I know is from "Haunted Castle", and she doesn't have the tools in it. So.

I figured that in order to get the tools, I would have had to mug a three year-old. =/


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Viivi-Stephanie I love this piic ♥