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Since I already had the base because of Rangiku, I had to make less pieces, so I first made the haori (white with blue lining), and made the patterns via some ironing printer sheet. Didn't end up well though, since it looks like it didn't like my haori material, so I add some black material painting over it to get the job done, and over again after GAnime and the last washing.

Also, the gloves were harder than it looks, since I didn't want the main sewings to appear, only those doing the borders like in the anime. Also, it had to fit well, not too loose. I add a piece of model magic (paint greyish) for the six sides rectangle thingies hiding the cord going to the middle finger, but that, as wel, didn't end up well as it broke last month. I remade them out of craft foam.

The scarf is actually over 3 meters long, and quite large to make it more like the anime around the neck. It's a light mint greenish color.

The wig was made out of an amphigory wig (first time ever buying from them), and the kenseikans out of model magic (though I don't suggest it, it's harder to work with than it looks, especially for those things of nightmare!). I also add some skin like cord to make the 'splittings' effect going from the kenseikans to the back of his neck and all. I used extensions for the bangs going to the front (otherwise the netting was showing), and used motion oil beforehand on the wig which helped greatly for detangling afterward. Some got2be was also used for the bangs (mainly gel and pommade).

What's left... Oh ya... The swords... I actually had two, one for the zanpakto and the shikai, and one for the bankai (aka no blade). Therefore, only one shealth, but still lot of work. Made out of pine wood, wood filler and glue, primer, paint, gloss, among other things XD I also used some false flowers that I cut every petal off and recut to shape them like sakura petals. Long and fastidious process, not recommended!

Saddly enough, my waraji decided to BREAK were it connect to the toes right after I put the cosplay on (though I had them before for Rangiku and they never broke before!). So I added hot glue, best solution for the moment at a convention, but worst for pain since I could hardly walk normally with them on. I remade my waraji as well -_-;;;;
Also, my katana tsuba broke into pieces after a couple of minutes (my 'real sword' one too!), so I had to quickly remake another one with very cheap cardboard (aka thin), hot glue and gold painting. Cheap, but it made the trick for the entire convention. I remade it for AN (GAnime HATED Byakuya!).

So that's about it, I'll add some pictures... Someday XD


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