Rima Touya

Vampire Knight

Oumf, again lots of things went wrong. (I'm on a roll here). Anyways, I was going to take my time with this cosplay. But due to the fact that i switched my opinion about going to a con and wearing this for about 4 times, it became a last minute thing. And i think it shows.

Worn on:
Anima 2010 (Belgium)

========= CREATION =========

WHAT YOU MADE AN UMBRELLA? Actually yes, it took me quite some time and it had this nice gothic like look. Unfortunately i made a few last minute adjustements when sitting on the train while travelling to the con. Those adjustements kind of signed it's deathnote. I stiched something wrong together (i think?) and the umbrella wouldn't fully open up anymore. After a few people forced it open, it finally gave up and 2 bars snapped. Bye bye umbrella.
(For a photoshoot, i decided to just buy another cheap embrella, but it's not the same as the real deal :( ).

THE HORROR! The wig i made had 'the' perfect look, but the journey to the con had many dangerous people on it. I kept it pinned down on a wighead for security reasons so that the tails wouldn't come lose. But it didn't help so much, since various people knocked the wighead over. Some older woman deared to just "throw" it into the seat across me since she found it necessary to sit on the seat i had carefully placed my cosplay items. >_>

have fun ~~
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Character Rima Touya
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