Ada Wong Assignment Ada

Resident Evil 4



I must say, the easiest part of this costume was the hair cut and styling. And the hardest part of the costume was getting the straps on and making that vest! It is so much fun being Ada and I felt this outfit was never cosplayed enough so, why not and do it?!


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong Assignment Ada


RaptorAdapter Working on this for Dragon*Con 2011. Your Ada is hotsauce. Way to raise the bar!! :)

Norwen Best Ada I've ever seen!

contosdeavalon Oh my God you´re beautiful.

VampiRabbit ^^ very nice work, you look a lot like ada...

Mao_Melissa I'm so happy to see this version of Ada brought to life, especially considering how few reference pictures there are on the net. You've really captured Ada's personality and inspired me to go for this costume. Hopefully I'll have it ready for AWA 2009 :)

Intactus You actually LOOK like Ada should look like! nice work, comrade!

aBrokenBullet Awesome job! I am making this costume as well, and I just want to say that you totally did it justice =D. And I agree, it is undercosplayed like no other