Cardcaptor Sakura

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CardCaptor Sakura is one of the most endearing shows I've ever seen. It was the second anime I watched and I simply adored Sakura and her friend Tomoyo and all of the cute little outfits they had. My friends Kurzeshaar and Mayasume didn't have to bend my arm much to join their CCS group; in fact, I asked them if I could join in as Tomoyo! However, Masayume wasn't able to make the convention, so it was just me and Kurzeshaar.

I picked out a lovely cornflower blue cotton for the dress, and I used little yellow star buttons for the buttons on the front and cuffs to match Kurzeshaar's starry outfit. The collar and cuffs are detailed with white Casa satin. I wished I had had time to make an actual felt Cloche hat, but the fabric hat looks just as cute. I already owned the wig, shoes, gloves, and petticoat, so this was a rather easy costume to make. I am overjoyed that I could cosplay from such a wonderful show ^.^
@Fire Lily
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Series Cardcaptor Sakura
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