Tatsuhiro Satou

Welcome to the N.H.K.

Let's just say that I did this cosplay with clothes I already had. Satou dresses pretty normal, so people probably didn't even know I was cosplaying. This is one of his outfits that he wears when he goes out. I think he wore it more than once.

My girlfriend was Misaki, which might be slightly more obvious than mine. It was hard to tell either of us were actually cosplaying though.

There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Welcome to the N.H.K.
Character Tatsuhiro Satou

deshwitat hell yeah XD, awsome anime and manga, great to see someone cosplaying from it

yukihiro That's a good idea. haha

lxtrix I like his character so much i'ma cosplay him too but so people get it i'ma have someone make a conspiracy doll plushie.