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Since I've done my Steampunk costume I wanted to do something hugely futuristic. In looking about for inspiration, I came across a ton of pictures of Lady Gaga, and instead of basing a CyberPunk outfit off her, I decided it would be much more fun to just be her.

I made this costume via taking apart of few cheap swimsuits at a local thrift shop to make a pattern and using left over swimsuit fabric from my Althena Costume. I already had a red vinyl belt and shoes so I bought some red vinyl for the hood and used one of my hoodie to pattern it. The shoulders were just made and magically worked.

The glasses I made using cheap huge sunglass and a tube full of glass beads and hot glue.

Overall a really easy costume to make, but I am glad I did cause it was alot of fun to dance in and alot of people were excited to see it and talk Lady Gaga with me. I guess she had been in Chicago only a few weeks before the convention. In making the costume and all the others I took to ACen, I guess I missed that!


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MsBrandonHeat You are incredibly versatile in your cosplay choices, and each one is done so well! Keep on kickin ass, lady!! :D

LainoftheWired Ah, you were at Otakon? Dammit, I could've finally met you! I always feel so second-rate seeing your stuff here and on the SH site... (T-T)

Flaming Goddess This is so very fantastic!

Shadow Zasha Oh my gosh, this is really good. I could never pull her off (or anime/game characters either) cuz my face isn't feminine.... Good for you for pulling this off!

AnimeRenee O.o you were a rave weren't you?!?!?! -curses self for not going- I remember seeing you on the ACen forums saying you were going to do Lady Gaga. I kinda want to be her for Halloween...just not sure what outfit to pick..