MechaGodzilla / Kiryu




took 2 weeks to complete. also required lotsa help to cram. XDD

i made majority of the thing but had to summon friends to help finish stuff. thank god it was easy to paint since i had to use chrome paint.

my biggest costume evaaar. stands at about 7 foot 2. ( 5 "10 + 4 inches + 10 inches) .

This is based on Kiryu version of the Godzilla vs. mechagodzilla of 2004.

made of rubber sheets like my other costumes.
cost under 5000 Philippine Pesos ( roughly 100 dollars)
5 cans of chrome paint over all

its jaw moves with my chin. it can open and close its mouth.

lighted with LED flash lights in the eyes and in the mouth ( i am very lazy lol. no circuits for me! ladida)

stage skit includes:
mechagodzilla crushing cardboard buildings. haha. its fun. i will add fighter planes to skit next time.


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Series Godzilla
Character MechaGodzilla / Kiryu
Variant 2004 Mechagodzilla


Chergnomebyl This is so awesome ^_^!

Shanosaurus Aaah, this is so freaking awesome!

Biollante sniff sniff...its inspires me to make my own Biollante cosplay!!!