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This costume had been on my to-do list, but limebarb beat me to it and gave it to me as a surprise. The yellow spandex I had bought for it sat in my closet for 2 years before I decided to do Jean Grey, another red-headed X-girl. (I love redheads, in case you haven't noticed yet.) I made the belt and pouches, painted the boots, and styled the wig. The wig is actually 2 wigs sewn together. I couldn't find a red wig in time and ended up dying a brown one. I love the huge, 80's country singer hair. It totally makes this costume for me!


@Jia Jem
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Series X-Men
Character Rogue


nightcrawler95 lookin sexy sugah amazing rogue you cosplayed :)

pinapplegum By far you have the best Rogue costume I have seen. EVER! Great job!!!!

MostDecentThing * Favorite * 。 ◕‿◕ 。

Raisa Rogue is one of my favourite characters out of any comic/manga.. you did her justice. You just made my day <3

Saji Best Rogue ever.

karebare89 BEST Rogue cosplay EVER!

Lady Muramasa LUV MY CLASSIC ROGUE!! THANK YOU!!! Rogue kicks ass!

arivin923 humina humina humina!!!

minxxiii you are GORGEOUS

Parker GASP! This is amazing!!! The wigs though... I MUST know where you got them!!

Raven_Roth this really is amazing and i absolutley love ur jacket! I just hope mine comes out as great as ur rogue cosplay :D!

Alexiel10 Oh my god, it´s great.Really you look so god

DaniX *o* very very cool Rogue ^^!

callmemilo man, don't ya just love the 80's, lol

Geister Awesome job!!! Now this is the Rogue I love and remember!!!

cloudwarrior this is awesome and accurate to sweet job :D :D :D sweet gallery too