Amane Misa

Death Note



I got lazy on this costume, and had no other choice but to use a cotton bustier, and add on the skirt part to make it a dress. I used some white ribbon lining for the part at the bottom of the dress. Tore off the rivet-like corset things from another corset, sewed those on to the bustier, and then tied ribbon through.

The wig wasn't as difficult as I originally thought. I bought a base wig off of Cosworx, that is in a rare but perfect color. The part of the wig was to the side, so I had to redo the part with hot water. But it turned out amazing. I put the pigtails up, leaving the two bunches of hair in the front. I cut the pigtails to be smaller, and added a lot of hairspray to make them stick out like hers does in the anime. I then cut the two bunches of hair in the front, to be shorter than the back for better accuracy. And for shits and giggles, I added some extra wefts to the wig.

Contacts were purchased off of

Thigh Highs, Garter Belt, Arm Gloves, and heels were all purchased online. And the jewelry. (Earrings, Necklace, Choker.)

I don't have any pictures up as of now, but I will post them when I have the time.


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