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At AX 2008, I finally decided to say "Hell With It!", and joined the madness that is Trinity Blood cosplay. My decision? Sister Paula- the slinkiest cosplay I have done, up to date. Not even my DOA cosplay comes this close.

Granted, Paula was made kinda haphazardly, and also kinda rushed, so I'd really like to take the time to improve her, and make her match the rest of the Inquisition a bit better. Plus, reeeeeally need to exercise...

Paula is a three-part cosplay. Sort of. If you count the cloak. The tabard and cloak are made out of a bright red, heavy-weight red silk, and gold dupioni was used to sew on the gold crosses on the chest and rear of the cloak. However, it is likely that both these will be retired in favor of being remade in red velvet.

Then, there's the swimsuit o' doom. This suit is modified from a backless, one-piece that was originally black, and had crossed straps. I changed the straps to a halter, added the front excess and a back piece in silver dupioni silk, made a collar, added some silver cording and grommits for detailing, and painted the whole damn thing silver!! I modified the gloves from a pair of silver evening gloves, the shoulder pieces are kneepads, but need some work. And the boots? They were originally black- had to paint them, too. The headband and belt were pretty simple, they just needed lotsa grommits. And I mean LOTS!

In any case, Paula is being revamped. The armo needs some extra work, I need to make the blades out of something sturdier, yatta-yatta. As it is, I'm planning on making her habit, for now.


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