UPDATE: Here is a video I made called "The Making of a Mudkip"


The design for this Mudkip costume started a few months ago. Started to make the costume on Dec 19th, 2008. As far as I know, this is the only mudkip costume with an open mouth - and I know why. It's really hard to do and unstable without reinforcing the gap but that means more weight on your head.

It looks so cute now that it's done. It's quite heavy because of the steel frame, foam and glue. The weight isn't as bad as the heat! Omg it's so HOT inside the head and even hotter with the body suit and leggings on. Guess I'll have to take breaks often.

Update 2009-04-14: Sakura-con 2009 was a blast! Even though I probably only spent about 5 hours total at the con in costume, it was worth it for all the smiles and hugs.

I ended up installing two battery-powered computer fans pointing at the back of my neck. This really helped with the heat and let me walk around for a few hours. Now I have to clean the bottom of the feet and stiffen up the tail for the con at the end of summer. :)


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hola1997 i was wondering if you know anyone that can make me a mudkip costume just like that but about 5 feet tall :) thanks

MidnaMoon I remember you at AE 2009!~ That was so epic 8DD MUDKIP~~~<3

AnaRk. hey man i was wanting to make your mudkip suit..... i was wondering if you could tell me how you made the head....i am new at making cosplay costumes thanks

kojirojames2004 *insert the "so I hear you leik mupkipz" joke here.*

ShadowCharizard Holy Mudkip! I thought this was a real, Nintendo-made costume at first glance. Expect major glomp-age with this one!

konata-san1897 that is so epic i dont know what to say.... 030 *huggles*

S.A.Hikari I remember you! I was the Guilmon who got a picture of you! That was such an awsome cosplay! I look forward to seeing more.

strifevalentine aw! such an awesome mudkip :D

aaronyu2 amazing mudkip~

Psy Thanks for the awesome comments. It was very fun to make and hope to see some of you at Sakura-con!

lolacolabunny OMG THAT IS SOOO CUTE!

JackShadow looking forward to seeing this at sakura con

Kazukii Best Mudkip I've seen done so far! 8D