Reira Serizawa


@Bellatrix Aiden


It was one of the first cotumes which I've made myself.


@Bellatrix Aiden
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Series NANA
Character Reira Serizawa


MsBrandonHeat I'm Ukrainian myself over here in the US, and I have to say, holy shit, does the Ukraine ever produce some of the most intricate, accurate cosplay I have ever seen EVER. Incredible!!! :D

Fukada The best Reira's cosplay that I've ever seen!^^

Ceres-chan Perfect Face! You looks like a doll!

Chinako Your costumes are all very lovely and you take great care to look as much like the characters as you can. I especially love you as Reira - she is such a dear character to me and you express her very well! Thank you for sharing this lovely cosplay with us!

Sanae*chan super kawaii Reira-san

Spykey Awesome Reira I lurve NANA and that's quite an awesome cos!! <3 ^^