Kisuke Urahara




Entirely made from scratch:
The Jacket (Haori) is made from raw fabric i picked up from a hobby store and i sewed from scratch no patterns or anything. There are seven white diamonds that adorn the bottom of the jacket which are fabric paint
The shirt and pants are a karate Gi that i picked up at a sporting goods store and then dyed green
The Wig was a bought at a beauty supply store
The Hat was bought on Amazon.
The Fan was too
The Geta were bought from House of Rice
ok Benihime is made from scratch as well she is formed from plywood, Basswood, and a few other materials. The tassel and cord were bought at a craft store and i did the paintjob to match the anime series.


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Series Bleach
Character Kisuke Urahara
Variant Anime


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