High Priestess

Ragnarok Online



This combination of artwork and sprite detail is almost what my own Priestess would have looked like, had she achieved the High Priestess class. If I made it true to character, though, it probably would've been fuschia and had cakes embroidered everywhere.

I changed several elements (gentle shoulders on the sleeves, ivory instead of white, boots as seen in the very first sprite releases instead of the black pumps seen later) to suit my taste, but kept the basic High Priestess color scheme.

Lessons learned: a huge ivory band around your waist is bound to make you look fat in most photos. Also, I gave my bow long tails, but forgot about the issue of added weight. When I realized that I needed to add boning or support, it was the day before I flew out, and was too late to fix. As a result, the dratted thing had to be safety pinned up.


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Series Ragnarok Online
Character High Priestess


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